AMLRC Code of Conduct

Date prepared Feb. 17, 2014

AMLRC Code of Conduct


All American Mini Lop Rabbit Club (AMLRC) members are representatives of the AMLRC, the ARBA and of the Mini Lop Rabbit Fancy. As such, all members of the AMLRC shall agree to act honorably in their pursuit of the Mini Lop rabbit fancy. In Mini Lop rabbit related ventures, members shall strive to promote the hobby; they shall embody the virtues of sportsmanship and esteem.

All members shall conduct themselves to reflect credit on the rabbit fancy in general and the AMLRC in particular. This includes respect/adherence for/to the ARBA, the AMLRC and their associated Constitution, By Laws and Show Rules and for fellow Mini Lop rabbit breeders.

Conduct shall be directed toward educating the public, improving one’s own knowledge and demonstrating integrity. Actions of all AMLRC members are to complement the AMLRC’s goal of promoting the Mini Lop rabbit breed, competitive sportsmanship, and the AMLRC itself.

In addition and in keeping with these ideals, no member of the AMLRC shall, with intent, denigrate another breeder, their rabbitry, or their lifestyle.

This conduct applies to every aspect of raising, showing and promoting Mini Lops; members should take care to be good representatives at show sites, national conventions, on internet forums and lists, and other social media that is in any way related to the rabbit fancy.


Any AMLRC member may prefer charges against another AMLRC member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the AMLRC or the Mini Lop breed of rabbit. Perceived violations are to be reported to the AMLRC Board of Directors, in writing and in accordance with By-Laws Article 3.